Norito Kobayashi
Norito Kobayashi

Norito Kobayashi

Principal Consultant
Medical Devices

Norito is a Principal Consultant in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice where he mainly focuses on the Medical Device market.

He has been in the search business since 2006. He has successfully completed several senior management searches and supported new market entry ventures in the past.

Norito has also successfully established the Healthcare Division twice with previous executive search firms. He works on both retained and contingency assignments in Japan and the Asia Pacific region.

Norito has broad international experience where he moved to overseas from high school and later obtained a BA degree in international business / marketing from San Francisco State University and worked as marketing manager at a US-based trading company for pharmaceutical and medical devices after his graduation.  

Norito’s primary objective is to enhance the careers of people that contribute to the well-being and health of society.

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