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- Finalize the design & layout for new openings and renewal of Department store corners, Semi Self Stores and Skin spa.
- Communicate with HQ and APAC to understand "VMD" company strategy and guideline
- Develop and implement the VMD plan in line with the company’s strategy and marketing calendar and give instructions to all counters
- Finalize the design & layout & in-store Event
- Develop/Maintain Corner Sales Tools and equipment
- Communicate and negotiate with local vendors to develop localized VMD tools based on company guideline
- Arrangement of POP material supporting each counter
- Monitor and control the annual budget for Store Design & VMD
- Participate in meetings involving merchandising and visual brand image (Public Relations Events, Company, events, sponsoring events etc.) and ensure efficient follow-up
- Supervise daily maintenance of VMD units


Academic background, experiences, competencies (technical expertise, languages, management skills, etc…) required to succeed on this job.

- 5+ years in VMD and Store Design, preferably in Cosmetic Industry (Department Store Brands)
- Excellent Esthetic Sensitivity and Creative mind
- Open minded, flexible to adopt to new challenges
- Good command of Illustrator, Photoshop, PPT. Basic Knowledge on Excel & Word
- Business level English

Additional information

売上好調。日本のみならず、グローバルで2ケタ成長の企業。成長の要因は新製品の売上が好調という点と、新マーケティング手法が結果を出しているため。マーケティングチームのメンバーが新しくなり、若年層向けのプロモーションを行っている。新製品発売日には店舗にお客様が殺到し、いまだにブームが続いている。店舗のVMD&Store Planningを強化すべく、マネージャーを採用することとなった。



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