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In the Technical Support Engineer role, you will work primarily with enterprise customers of my client`s server and core server products, proactively assisting them with post-sales installation, configuration and set up tasks, or customers of my client's Desktop products, proactively assisting them with post-sales installation, data connectivity, performance and analysis of data. Responsibilities include triaging and resolving highly complex, technical, and application-related issues which impact product performance in customer-specific environments, or issues that directly hamper a broader customer adoption of my client's products.

Apply in-depth engaged diagnostic technical troubleshooting skills to identify customer issue and perform root cause analysis. Apply mixture of system, database, and application knowledge towards troubleshooting and resolving critical and complex issues. Use skills in debugging to identify steps to reproduce the issue, determine likely cause, and prepare detailed, actionable bug reports for Engineering. Throughout the case resolution process, maintain superb relationship with the customer by keeping them informed throughout and ensure continued collaboration with Engineering and Product Management teams. As customer advocate, provide detailed feedback to Engineering and Product Management on feature enhancements to improve supportability and product quality.

This role must ramp up quickly in knowledge of my client's Desktop and Server Products, including licensing, activation-related installation specifications/settings, and configuration requirements for optimal product performance. In addition to working with customers, the Technical Support Engineer will routinely collaborate with Technical Support, Sustaining Engineering and Sales Consultants to resolve issues.

Some of the things you'll be doing include...

- Effectively communicate with customers via email, phone and other electronic methods to ensure client’s effective use of client's products. Maintain excellent relationships with my client's customers by applying superb customer service and technical skills. Perform in-depth troubleshooting to identify root cause while understanding the customer’s skill level and communicating with them in the manner most appropriate. Use excellent judgment in when and how to communicate with customer for maximum effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
- Collaborate and consult with select server and core server clients to implement successful server launches, and to resolve highly complex technical issues associated with deployment.
- Collaborate and consult with my client`s Desktop clients to successfully integrate (installation, data connectivity, analysis and performance) the application into their business, and to resolve highly complex technical issues associated with integration.
- Apply in-depth troubleshooting and debugging skills along with knowledge of systems, databases, and applications to get to root cause of the customer’s issue. Set up test environments to mirror customer set-up, write test scripts, and perform tests using customer’s data or representative data. Apply solid test methodology and debugging skills to narrow down the problem as needed. Communicate effectively to Sustaining Engineering step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue and findings to identify root cause.
- Partner with clients and help them optimize the use of my client`s software by using skill in listening and understanding the customer’s request thoroughly combined with in-depth technical knowledge to assist them in the manner most appropriate. Lead support case resolution efforts for customer cases by using skill in troubleshooting and debugging, identifying root cause, communicating bugs to Sustaining Engineering in a manner that requires little to no additional research on the part of the Engineer. Build strong cross-functional working relationships with Engineering and Product Management.
- Extensively research and document customer software and technical issues as Knowledge Base articles as appropriate. Using a mixture of system, application and database knowledge, research and reproduce issues. Use excellent written communication skills to produce useful Knowledge Base articles to be applied to the external Knowledge Base used by my client`s customers. Contribute substantially to the ongoing development of the Knowledge Base.
- Utilize Knowledge Base articles as a resource to solve customer issues, researching the Knowledge Base as a step in the troubleshooting process.
- Collaborate with Technical Support, Product Management, Sustaining Engineering and Sales Consultants to resolve issues by applying excellent technical, customer service, and interpersonal skills in building solid cross-functional relationships.
- Mentor Technical Support Specialists in researching, resolving and documenting customer server issues, including bug reports, etc.
- Escalate support cases and priority issues to management as appropriate using good judgment in when and how to escalate.
- Maintain appropriate case- and customer-related files and records.
- Prioritize customer cases and company projects effectively, communicating priorities and plans to management.
- Have the ability and desire to work the different shifts required to accommodate the needs of the APAC Region (regional coverage is required Monday to Friday 9am-7pm local time)


- Problem Solver. You are a natural problem solver with a curiosity about technology. Others might describe you as a highly creative, curious technologist, and you have excellent research skills.
- Communicator. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
- Organized. You have an uncanny ability to juggle and prioritize a high volume workload and handle details accurately and in a timely manner under pressure. Your organizational skills are impeccable.
- Educated. You have a Bachelor's degree in a technical or quantitative major or equivalent experience.
- Experienced. You have experience in Customer Service or supporting enterprise mission-critical applications.
- Detail Oriented. You have the ability to multi-task and handle frequent interruptions.

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