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PR, Event中心のお仕事ですが、マーケティング視点でお仕事を担っていただける方を探しています。
マーケティングコミュニケーションディレクター直下のポジションで、CRM, Social, AD, Marketingのスタッフとも協業していただきます。


- Record Proven 5-7+ years of experience in Public Relation & Events within a highly
competitive luxury industry environment.
- Full understanding of media needs and media relationship
- Deep understanding of celebrities/influencers programs within the market to increase brand
presence and awareness. Be the face of the brand to local celebrities/influencers, develop
long-term relationships for the brand and manage any celebrities / influencers related
campaigns, event attendance, etc.
- Proactive, reliable, responsible and accurate with an attention to detail
- Must possess excellent verbal and writing and editing skills
- Solid experience of planning and organizing diffrenet sclae of events
- Experience of negotiation with outside vendors, including contracts, resolving issues etc

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