RI_April 2018

Comments from our CEO, Struan McKay, were published on the latest Recruitment International (RI) ebook. 

The April 2018 issue illustrates recruitment's next big trend with selected key persons in the industry in 2018. 

On Page 50, McKay commented;

"In a market such as Japan, where for candidates the supply and demand gap is already unsustainable, all sectors are utilizing innovative and creative hiring solutions to try and remain competitive. The ever-quickening haste towards online matching using AI algorithms, video interviews, chatbot interaction and suchlike cannot in themselves fill the gap. Why? Because the candidates are by and large not overtly online and tend to remain wary of interacting with anyone other than a trustworthy real-life person face to face. I think the trend in Japan, then will be one of ‘back to basics’, where recruitment firms double down on the candidate experience once they identify prospects through hands-on bespoke manual sourcing. Making the candidate feel safe, comfortable, trusted and above all engaged in the hiring process from first contact all the way through to successful placement."

To read the whole article,  please visit at Recruitment International eBook April 2018 Issue (from Page 44)

Posted On 2018-04-03