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Company overview

Growing Consumer Company/少数精鋭で事業拡大をしている消費財会社

Job description

1. According to the company's strategic objectives and overall planning,
fully responsible for the development planning, operation and management goal formulation and
implementation of e-cigarette business in the Japanese market (including branding、online and offline sales).
2. Responsible for the establishment of the marketing system in Japan,
the establishment of the Japanese online operation team and offline sales team,
the development of sales channels, to ensure the realization of the management of sales targets,
and the promotion of regional sales market share and brand influence
3. According to the current situation of the region, formulate brand promotion strategy and organize the implementation
4. Responsible for the regional market demand, competition brand, technology products and other information collection and feedback.


Key Qualifications
1. More than 8 years of industry operation and management experience,
with the experience and ability to build the brand from 0 to 1; Familiar with consumer electronics or FMCG or light luxury consumer goods
2. has a keen market sense, can provide strong support for product and brand strategy, has a successful brand operation case
3. Familiar with the Japanese market, with consumer insight and understanding of consumer needs and psychology
4. Familiar with the Japanese e-commerce platform and offline retail channel operation rules, with resources to strategically operate the entire regional business
5. Excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills, with certain social influence or industry influence
6. Proficient in Japanese, fluent in English or Chinese, Japanese nationality or long-term Chinese resident in Japan is preferred.

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