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Company overview

M&A Transaction Advisory at Global Advisory Firm||グローバルアドバイザリーファームでの不動産M&Aアドバイザリー

Job description

M&Aアドバイザリーおよび実行支援業務 (不動産セクター)
Advisory or execution support in relation to domestic or cross-boarder real estate transactions

Additional information

- 不動産投資(アクイジション)、AM、ディスポジション(クロージング含む)、不動産仲介、不動産アドバイザリー業務、不動産証券化、ファンド組成の、いずれかの実務経験者
-  不動産投資会社、ファンド、REIT、AM、信託銀行、不動産事業会社(デベロッパー、仲介含む)、不動産関連のアドバイザリー会社などの勤務経験者
- 投資銀行、M&Aファーム等において不動産業界のM&A業務、カバレッジ業務等の勤務経験者
-Word, Excel, Power Pointの基礎スキル
- 不動産鑑定士、CPA、証券アナリスト、宅建等の資格保有尚可

Experience in eihter of the following areas:
- real estate investment (acquisition), AM, disposition (including closing), real estate advisory, real estate brokerage, securitization or fund raising.
- Work experiences in real estate investment firms, investment funds, REIT, AM, real estate companies (including developers, brokers etc.), or real estate advisory firms
- Work experiences of M&A transactions/advisory in real estate sector at investment banks or M&A firms.
- enthusiastic to learn, good communication skills, team worker
- sound logical thinking skills and mathematical sense
- basic Word, Excel, Power Point skills

- business level English
- real estate appraiser, CPA, CFA, real estate transaction specialist or equivalent qualification would be beneficial.

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